To keep or not to keep: Christmas Cards.

Christmas photo cards

Christmas cards- do I keep them all?

Photo Cards, Christmas cards and newsletters are a wonderful way to share a glimpse of the season from inside your life. You might be one of the ones that dreaded those newsletters…. maybe it’s just me getting older, but suddenly I’m interested in ‘what’s happening with the brood’ that Christmas Newsletters highlight. But what to do with all the pile you receive yearly? Here are several great ideas:

Each year, the photo cards we receive go into our Christmas albums. It’s wonderful to look through the albums year after year and watch everyone grow up and change. I have a page for every family, and I just keep adding a page where needed, which is the nice part about expandable albums where pages can be put anywhere.

Keeping it simple

Keeping Christmas cards can be simple!

Keeping Christmas cards

Keep it simple!

I wait until all the cards are here – I might just pile them into the book on ‘their’ page, then later – like half way into January, I MAKE time to put in this year’s cards. It takes about 20 minutes. The cards are already decorated, so although you will see decorations on these pages, no decoration is needed. Keep it simple and easy!

Do I keep all those Christmas cards?

Keeping Christmas cards

This also works: On our Everyday Display Magnetic board, (or decorate your own board) I post the cards that come in. It’s fun to see the display getting full and overflowing with cards! Check out the different colors of Display boards here:

Christmas cards on a Display board

Display those Christmas cards!

If you make sending a photo card a part of your family’s holiday traditions but hate the process of getting everyone dressed up and ‘perfect’ – consider the ‘not perfect’ ones. They are much more fun anyway! and perhaps, so are the memories of ‘getting’ those photos taken. Remember, the more you keep the fun, laughter and joy during this season, the better it will be for all of your family, and your funny photo will spread joy to all the recipients of your cards this year. image_2013_1_4_0001(rev 0)
Which picture would you choose?
image_2013_1_4_0002(rev 0)

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