You’re already taking amazing photos, isn’t it time you did something amazing with them?  I’ll show you how to start!  There’s no limit to where you finish.  Welcome to Ahni and Zoe by Creative Memories!

For example, how many pictures did you take on your phone or ipad over the holidays? What do you see yourself doing with those? Most people want to do something with them but don’t know how or what to do. Lanita is excited to share “From Snap to Finish” concept and share a solution for your pictures that is different from what you have seen before. We’ve changed it to be more relevant.

You already know the value of Family photos, and perhaps you have been wanting to learn ways to do something with the pictures you love. There is a way that almost seems magical to ‘albumize’ them – It is the perfect solution for anyone.

For over 24 years I have helped people like you, Create Connections, share smiles and tell stories through photos.  I do this with a company called Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories, and  I can help you make sense of your photos in ways that can help strengthen your families and your relationships.  I can show you  from Snap, to Print to Share how to get pictures off your devices and back into your lives so you can quickly and easily make a photo album for someone you love.

My goal is to inspire you with simple, easy-to-use products that help you connect family and friends to those unforgettable moments in your life.  I picture a world in which you can be the author of your own life story, adding joy and meaning to your life and the lives around you.

***Learn how to craft a year in the life of your family in 2 hours and tell your family story.

***You can do this by coming to a 1 hour gathering and ‘see’ some options; You can attend a hands-on workshop; You can attend a retreat; Click here for information on Upcoming events.


**Help you get your photos into albums

**Have time just for YOU.

**Socialize with friends while you travel down Memory Lane.