You already know the value of Family photos, and perhaps you have been wanting to learn ways to do something with the pictures you love. There is a way that almost seems magical to ‘albumize’ them – It is the perfect solution for busy moms with small children.

The NEW Creative Memories  Combines the former way of using our trademark book cloth albums with white, spargo or natural pages  and the new improved Ahni and Zoe style of easy pre-printed pages to make beautiful albums YOUR way!  Take a look at the first products coming off the shelves!

Papers and albums will be the first to come, tools in just a few short weeks!

Yes, Creative Memories is back!


We believe in women. Building a community of fabulous friends and strong families. Connecting in new ways and inspiring each other every day.

We believe in opportunity. Erasing boundaries. Instilling confidence. Achieving success – however you define it.

We believe in giving. Offering smiles and the chance to make a difference. Sharing the joy of photos with family and friends.

We believe in our future. Knowing there’s limited time, but unlimited potential. Let’s be brilliant and brave.

Our products are top quality with a Happiness Guarantee and lifetime album warranty.  Our albums are new and improved.  First hand from a  very trusted associate that works at a print shop: “The album covers that Ahni and Zoe has now are the latest in technology and the up-and-coming thing in technology- the soft laminate style”  There you have it!  the best of the best!


Creative Memories is BACK — 4 Comments

  1. Hi Lanita,
    I am writing as I have a question about the refill pages for the Ahni and Zoe album refills. I have been told that some of the refills will work in old CM albums? Is this true? I loved the old CM albums and am so disappointed that they are not being sold any more. Do you possible have a black true twelve by twelve album? I completed one for my older daughter when she graduated from HS and want to do one for my other child as well. I was also wondering if you have any pages/protectors to fit in the album as well. I am looking forward to seeing the upcoming catalog!

    I am from Maine and currently live in NJ. My mother lives in Boothbay Harbor and my sister lives in Augusta. Thanks for answering my questions!
    Have a great day!
    Ellen Kell

    • Hi Ellen
      Good questions!
      The Ahni and Zoe refills fit (and are exactly the same size) as our True 12×12 pages – so they fit any of the True size albums. The Ahni and Zoe albums themselves are larger because they have been made to also fit the slide in pages- either full slide ins, vertical or horizontal slide ins. That way you can mix and match them with regular album pages.
      I DO have a black album- I’m pretty sure it has a sparkle to it- is that okay? There is a new Graduation album that is in the new catalog, you might like those pages for the album you are making. Or are you making a ‘this is your life’ book perhaps? I have lots of white 12×12 True scrapbook pages and also white, natural and some black FORMER 12×12 pages, and a few of those former size albums too! Are you coming to Maine at all anytime soon? You can see what I have- but of course I can ship anything to you. If you visit your sister, just come on down to Camden, I’m 45 minutes from there – and I can show you tons of ideas using the new, blending old with new and all the fun stuff..
      Let me know if you want to order some of these things! e-mail me at and I can send you links to the new catalog.

  2. Will the slide in pages work with an old trufit creative memories album? I’m trying to finish up my daughter graduation book.

    • Hi Charlene – the new slide in pages are a little bigger (1/2 inch) so they will hang over a little bit on the old True 12×12 album. What I can do is trade one of the new sizes for the one you have now, if that will help, perhaps you can explain what type of project you are using the slide ins for and I can help figure out how to make this work.

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