Oh, what do I do with all these photos! Graduation and all that comes with it!

Of course Pinterist is full of ideas on what to make for graduation parties, how to celebrate and make it fun and memorable.  But then what?  You have photos, programs, cards, memorabilia… AND you want to Celebrate and KEEP those moments alive!  You want to affirm the graduate;  It’s a whole new world out there looking for colleges, jobs, and life partners.

SUPER affirmation items are the Display boards that have little tiny magnets so you can easily move things around:  place things neatly or place them helter-skelter; but at least there is a PLACE for these fun things, a place where all the family and friends can immediately see ‘what’s new’ when they come to ‘hang out’. That’s Graduation and all that comes with it!  You are DOING something with it now… something of value!  something FUN!

But then what!  That’s where the NEW easy Ahni and Zoe by Creative Memories albums come to the rescue:  “Slapbooking” concept is the new term – just get those pictures, memorabilia- whatever you have, and slap them right into the pre-decorated pages and you will truly be DONE!

Find more products at Ahni and zoe by Creative Memories


Enjoy these ideas, create your own as a spin off form these; And order a frame today at 20% off!  Sale good till the end of June, 2014 .  From Display frame RIGHT into the album – what a relief!  so easy! IMG_1237 IMG_1239 IMG_1240IMG_1241 IMG_0762 IMG_0763



IMG_1235 IMG_1236graduation ideaHats off 2


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