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At Ahni & Zoe, we picture a world in which you can be the author of your own life story.

For over 25 years, Creative Memories has been about creating connections, sharing smiles and telling stories. Today that work takes an optimistic and opportunistic new shape in
Ahni & Zoe by Creative Memories. Who are Ahni & Zoe? They’re all of us, from A to Z. Literally translated, Ahni & Zoe means “beautiful life.” And that’s exactly what we want to celebrate  and create with you.

I would love to have you on my team, and NOW you can be a part of it!

READY FOR A PART-TIME GIG THAT’S NONSTOP FUN?  Need more information? (click to find out more)

This 15 minute Opportunity Call gives super useful information on the basics of getting started:  Dial 424-203-8409, code 520538# then # again

We’re looking for people like you to join our community of fabulous Consultants, sharing the magic of photos and the connections they create.

Being an A&Z Consultant gives you the flexibility to raise your income while you raise your family. It’s a fun, fulfilling opportunity that fits your schedule and lifestyle.  Recently a top leader in the Direct Selling Association (DSA) said: “Do people out there KNOW what Ahni and Zoe is onto?  Because anyone who is a Ahni and Zoe consultant is SITTING ON A GOLD MINE!”   For those who have been former Creative Memories Consultants, are you still trying to decide about joining? Why not give it a try!  Ahni and Zoe has a HAPPINESS GUARANTEE!

For over twenty-five years, Creative Memories has been one of the top social selling companies for women. And today, our history of innovation has led to Ahni & Zoe – an all-new line that is turning heads and that you can turn into a business.

So let’s tap into that ambition living inside you and build something beautiful together.


Join my Team! — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Lanita,
    My husband and I are planning a trip from Portland, Maine to Portland, OR this coming year. We are contemplating on stopping and paying visits to various scrapbook crop places. I have used and still is my favorite CM items for several years. I am contemplating on starting a CM business. What does CM have to offer today. I realize it was going a different direction awhile ago, so just wondering.

    Thank you,
    Cheryl Martin

    • Hi Cheryl
      I just noticed your post here, I apologize for not answering sooner. Yes, Creative Memories is going in a simpler direction, and for the last 2 months we have been liquidating our current line of scrapbooking supplies as the company restructures and starts anew on November 1. I have been doing this for 23 years and have not had a moment of regret, with over 100 albums on my shelf that we look at over and over – it’s hard to describe the emotion that goes along with looking back at all those years of memories! So I will highly recommend starting a CM business, but of course wait until November 1, and I will be posting here what the NEW CO. will look like and what will be offered.
      If you are going from Portland to Portland, certainly stop in here to Camden – this is just a gorgeous town, fun things to see and do, quaint, touristy…. not sure what dates you have in mind for your trip, but I do have a March 3 day scrapbooking retreat, and of course the November one of this year…. check this site often for updates. This current website here had not been updated for a couple of months while we were transitioning, but now it will be updated often.
      Looking forward to meeting you!
      Lanita Medina

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