You can celebrate this wonderful day, and all you need to do is gather a group of friends and join one of my upcoming scrapping days or host your own!!  Wonderful, right?

If you want to host an event, have a Fundraiser National Scrapbook Day, or want to post some of your idea pages here, feel free to submit your requests to and I will work with you to make your event a GREAT one and post your ideas here.

When is the official day this year? The first Saturday in May is National Scrapbooking Day!  May 5, 2014


Every year, National Scrapbook Day (NSD) brings a chance to recognize the importance of working with your photos while celebrating the fun of connecting with others. And nobody does it like Creative Memories. In fact, National Scrapbook Day was started by Creative Memories Consultants in 1995. Back then, NSD was designated as the first weekend in May. Today, NSD has grown so much that we’ll be celebrating it over the U.S, Canada, Australia, Japan, Germany and other countries.

Besides taking the time to do something significant with your memories by Celebrating them, these Events consist of special unique gifts for attending, special products, unique ideas and the focus is on making Paper AND Digital Scrapbooking easier, fun and learning new ideas.  Or, as the Definition of National Scrapbook Day implies, It ‘Recognizes the importance of photos, Memories and sharing these with others in printed form”.

In 1995, Maine Governor Angus King signed a Declaration that Maine would join in making Maine a Official Participant in National Scrapbook Day!  Why not join one of my upcoming events this year?  There are many events, sales and contests centered around National Scrapbooking Day, and our Freeport, Maine venue has a growing list of attendees to celebrate NSD 2013!  NEW this year is our Samoset Ocean Resort in Rockport, Maine Retreat April 18-21…   Interested?  Read on!

 My “Just Happened”‘ National Scrapbook Day Retreat was on Friday March 8 to Sunday March 10, 2013  at the Hilton Garden Inn, Freeport, Maine.  A retreat offers the best of everything!  Scrapbooking, shopping, eating, relaxing and much more.   Gather a group of friends and join one of my upcoming scrapping days or host your own!!  Wonderful, right?

My SECOND National Scrapbook Day Retreat for the year 2013 is at the Samoset Ocean Resort and Spa in Rockport, Maine.   With an extra 1/2 day to scrapbook, this       April 18-21 (Thursday evening to Sunday evening)Retreat  is a perfect place to bring the family for a scenic Coast of Maine getaway.  While you Scrapbook, they can explore Acadia National Park, visit the many Lighthouses in this area, hike the Camden trails and much more.  This National Scrapbook Day and Paper Crafting retreat will have the Unique special NSD gifts and specials, as it is ‘close’ in date to the REAL designated May NSD.

Happy Scrapping Everyone!


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