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I love pictures! Even with the changes the Digital era has brought- I mean, think of it:  Instagram, facebook, i-phones and so much more;  Photos still bring joy, and people are still WORTH REMEMBERING. Pictures create memories, nostalgia, and just a glance at a set of photos can transport us to so many places!

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Think of a picture that makes you smile.lanita What is the story behind that photo? (and do you know where the photo is right now?) I believe the stories of our past can do more than entertain. They can help us chart a course for the kind of future we all want to have.

I started putting pictures with their stories into photo albums 22 years ago, and since that first one I’ve completed over 75 albums.

Some of these include my Heritage album, baby albums, family reunions, “Then and Now”, Turn of the century memories, mission trips and 365 days of Praise with a ‘photo a day’ as the theme. My passion is to help people see what a gift a completed album can be. I can’t believe people only want to take pictures to stuff them into a basement, or leave them on a computer where they can’t be enjoyed fully.

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The key to completed albums? keep them Simple! With the techniques I teach, you can complete a 30 page album in 2 hours, 4 hours, or 4 days. I am also a Professional Photo Organizer with a focus on sorting boxes of photos and either helping you put them into albums, or, I will do that for you. You probably have thousands of photos on your computer and this can be overwhelming. I can help with that too!

Most people will not tear up photos on purpose, in fact photos and albums are some of the first things grabbed from a house fire. And we want to keep them forever because…. photos help us remember! The Power Sort method is for your photos what i-tunes is to music.

A well known Psychologist Dr. Candrell tells us that an album is the best weapon you have in raising children. As a parent, don’t you daily see messages that come into your child’s brain that you just want to rip from there? In our family every child has their own yearly photo album, along with several ‘specialty’ albums that affirm them. When the grown kids come home, the highlight of coming home is rushing through the door, getting ‘first hug’, then looking for the latest photo album… while mom makes their favorite food. There is always great topics of conversation when pictures are around!

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