“I believe the stories of our past can do more than entertain.  They can help chart a course for the kind of future we all want to have”.


States Rhonda Anderson, Co-Founder of the leading Scrapbooking and Digital photo books Industry, Creative Memories.  


Starting Simple is key:

A Simple Way To Step Up Your Journaling

Do you ever struggle with what to say when it’s time to journal on your layouts? Do you want to capture the who, what, where, and when but also take your journaling a step farther? They say a photo is worth a 1,000 words and typically that is true, photos alone are good at capturing the basics behind what you are scrapbooking; however, I think that just about every photo tells an even better story when it is paired with great journaling.

So today I’m going to show you a simple exercise that you can do to improve your journaling; journaling that will help you tell the story behind your photos in a detailed, heartfelt, yet still fast and easy way.

My technique is word bubble mapping. Some of you may remember this technique as one you learned in school. You start out by writing the main idea behind your layout in the center of a blank piece of paper. For my example today I’m going to pretend that I’m working on a layout about my son’s 8th birthday, so that is what I’ll write in my center bubble.  (scroll down to see)…

Journaling Tips from Creative Memories

Next I’ll give myself a few blank bubbles around my main one to add my first memories of this event.

Journaling Tips from Creative Memories

Now I just quickly add the first few things I remember from this event: #1. My son’s good friend was there #2. All he wanted as gifts was Lego stuff and #3. We gave him a Cub Scout uniform as one of his presents. I could add more if I want, but three is usually a good number that gives me plenty to write about.

Next I’ll add some other bubbles around my three smaller bubbles to help me fill in the details. For example, off the “friend” bubble I’ll add a bubble about how his friend almost wasn’t able to make it to his party, but did make it at the last minute. My son was really excited that he was able to be there because they had become such good friends when they were in the same first grade class. Now they are in separate classes and don’t get to see each other often.

Journaling Tips from Creative Memories

I’ll fill in details about my other bubbles as well. I might even add an additional 4th layer of bubbles to include my own feelings about each of the details.

Journaling Tips from Creative Memories
Now I have a lot of information about the special parts of his birthday. I’ll gather it all up and write my journaling to include all the details I thought about while bubble mapping. I might even go back and add further bubbles as I think about other details I want to include.

Look at all the great stuff to journal about! Not just the basics, but details about what he was excited about. It paints a bigger picture of his special day and the memories that were made that day.

Give it a try the next time you’re struggling with what to write!

Happy journaling everyone!

Thanks to Ginger for writing and sharing this!  More on journaling to come!  Lanita



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